Azimut 135mm Transom Zinc Anode

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Azimut 135mm Transom Zinc Anode

Diameter: 138mm (5.5")
Thickness: 50mm (2.0")
Hole Diameter: 13mm (0.5")
Insert: Mild steel, front face recessed 0.38" from back side of anode
Weight: 4.6kg (10.2 lbs)

Cover plate included.
Used by Azimut, Aicon, Cranchi and other fine yachts.

All anodes are built to high quality standards and meet United States Military specifications. Tecnoseal's in-house laboratory facilities ensure the purity of the raw material and that the composition of the alloy in the finished product meets internationally accepted standards, including the United States Military specifications. The molds are designed using three-dimensional CAD and manufactured with CNC machines. The die-cast molding method is extremely accurate due to the high quality injection process machinery. Finishing and quality control of the final product is still done by hand.

Zinc Is For Salt Water Use!